1 - Strategic Assessment


I conduct unbiased business plan and strategic assessment and coach the managing team until we get a clear, realistic and ambitious  action plan.

  • A neutral and factual analysis,

  • Made for tech companies in early or development stage,

  • A few days long intervention,

  • At an affordable cost for small tech companies.

The goal is to work with the management team in order to  rapidly clarify the following topics: 

  • Market Issue

  • Vision and Mission

  • Solution

  • Competition

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Business Model

  • Business Objectives

  • Go to Market 

  • Key Partnerships required to Scale-up  


​2 - Operational Support


After having defined the right strategic and tactical plan with the management team, I provide guidance and support in execution :

  • Building the appropriate marketing materials 

  • Identifying and prioritizing targeted partners

  • Approaching Tier1/2 potential partners (Technology, Supply chain,  Business

  • Driving key deals negociation until closing

I work with management teams to define and achieve

ambitious business scale-up plans :